sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

Open Letter to the President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado

Mr. President, the indigenous and Afrohonduran people and their successors creators of an important natural patrimony, cultural and social heritage that has historically been being eroded through dominance and exclusionary policies; for this reason the 9 peoples/culture which constitute the diversity that is our country are writing to you concerned about the risk of invisiblelization  that we are about to suffer at the hands of your Administration under the pretext of improved management of public finances.  
For more than five hundred years, we, the indigenous and Afrohonduran peoples have been suffering the dispossession of lands ancestrally owned and inhabited by our people, discrimination, marginalization, exclusion, the absence of public policies and differentiated actions designed to correct inequities have prevented equality and full enjoyment of our human rights, in-spite that what organizations like the UN, OAS, ILO, European Union, African union, CELAC, UNASUR and SICA, concern by the situation in which we have been subjected, first by the colonizers and then by Creole Governments, have enacted two separate instruments that recognize our individual and collective human rights as the Convention 169 of the ILO and the Declaration of the rights human of indigenous peoples, the International Convention against all the forms of Racial Discrimination, the Declaration and Plan of action of the third World Conference against racism and the Declaration and Plan of Action  of the First World summit of the African Descendant, amongst others.
Mr. President, we were all very hopeful when the nationalist government headed by Ex-President Porfirio Lobo Sosa took very responsible actions, measures and public policies for social inclusion and the promotion of development with identity of indigenous and African descendant peoples, el EX-President Profirio Lobo Sosa demonstrated political will through the creation and operation of the SEDINAFROH and other complementary policies of affirmative action. For this reason we are deeply concern that your inaugural speech did not make explicit mention of the existence of indigenous and African Descendant peoples as subjects of the multicultural, plurietnic and multilingual state that is Honduras; i.e. in one Nationalist Administration we exist and in the other, we cease to exist. Similarly, the participation of our peoples have been excluded in the Covenant or Pact for Honduras, additionally in the configuration of your cabinet there has been no mention or the naming any indigenous or African descendant citizen as members of your cabinet, a clear negation of our inclusion in all aspects of National politics.
The decision was publically announced that your Administration was to eliminate the Ministry of indigenous peoples AKA (SEDINAFROH) which would be a setback in the construction of institutions for the recognition and safeguards of the rights of peoples recognized worldwide as the main victims of racism and exclusion. Administrations like yours, arising from an electoral process observed and overseen by the national and international community are obliged to comply with and enforce the Constitution of the Republic, treaties and conventions, laws and other legal provisions, as well as the oath that you took at the time of your inauguration as President of all Hondurans.
Mr. Presidente in the previous year, during the political campaign, you made a commitment with the indigenous and Afro-honduran peoples when you signed the campaign commitment for the inclusion and development of Indigenous and Afro-honduran peoples, this instrument is an agenda that mainly counts on the political, economic, social, cultural, academic and environmental growth of our peoples, and it is primarily based on the dynamics of inclusion and development with identity of the people themselves. This instrument was formulated through a highly participatory process resulting from two separate consultations with the concerned populations, which allowed the participation of different community actors to include politicians, entrepreneurs, academics, diplomatic corps, international cooperation, organized civil society and the media. It contains the most important and legitimate aspirations of the Indigenuos and Afro-honduran peoples. Mr. President, that said we urge you to take the following actions:
Appoint within Social and economic cabinet a specific Commission to follow-up on the commitment of presidential campaign so that together with its representatives of indigenous and Afro-Honduran peoples render performance measures to each of its points elaborated in campaign commitment." (See paragraph 24 of the campaign commitment).
Guarantee the permanence, technical and budgetary stability of the Secretariat of indigenous and Afro-Honduran SEDINAFROH (see paragraph 18 commitment to campaign). 
Appoint representatives Afro Honduran and indigenous people as Ministers and in positions within your Administration; including the diplomatic corps, at least 30%. (See paragraph 21 of the campaign commitment).
Mr. President, the development and economic growth of States is vital to the maintenance and security of democratic societies, which means it is not possible to conceive without different arrangements aimed at the reduction and elimination of exclusion and discrimination. We firmly believe that to the extent that we are allowed participation in the construction of a unbiased Honduras, poverty can be overcome and there will be a fair distribution of its riches; any other way is impossible.
Finally, we request you take the measures of rectification of the aforementioned in addition scheduling of the previously requested meeting to discuss this situation.
We can further democracy by understanding that our main task is to advance the construction of a Honduras with all of us and for all of us... 
City of Tegucigalpa M.D.C. to the 3rd day of the month of February two thousand fourteen.

National Commission of monitoring and compliance of the presidential campaign commitment 2014-2018